My new book, Stop the Presses — How Greed, Incompetence (and the Internet) Wrecked Fairfax, was released on June 30 2014. Excerpts were published in The Australian the previous weekend, and the paper’s Media section described it as a “must read.” There was extensive media coverage.

I was interviewed by Mark Colvin on the ABC’s PM programme on July 1 and on ABC news and current affairs programmes in Newcastle, Brisbane, and Canberra. I was also interviewed at length for Mediaweek on July 2 and am due to appear on ABC’s The Drum on July 4.

There are two more TV interviews scheduled with Andrew Bolt on Channel Ten’s Bolt Report at 8.15 am on Sunday July 6, and on Janine Perrett’s The Perrett Report on Sky at 6.30 pm on Monday July 7.

All reviews and interviews will be posted on the books page here >

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