• Asbestos & Other Killers

    Articles on the dangers of asbestos, corporate cover-up, and tobacco smoking. Read more >

  • First Australians

    Australia’s first indigenous cabinet Minister, a terrible black death in custody, and a 105-year-old Aboriginal artist Read more >

  • Japan Unlimited

    Articles on Japan written in the mid-1990s, ranging from the sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subways to the Kobe earthquake, from the preservation of tattooed human hides to the fight to save the whales. Read more >

  • Medical Mayhem

    A fake cure for cancer that kills kids, Japan’s exiled lepers, the grim legacy of Minamata, defective artificial heart valves and much more. Read more >

  • The Near Abroad

    A visit to North Korea’s Gulag, the fight to save the endangered white tiger, and a week in the Cold War’s last frontier, the remote Kurile Islands. Read more >

  • Scams & Scoundrels

    Great corporate scams of the last 20 years ranging from Rene Rivkin and the mysterious death of a model to a racket in growing truffles, from the collapse of Australia’s biggest insurance company to a $60 million sting on a Swiss bank. Read more >

  • Travel & Leisure

    A $639 lunch in Paris, a dip in an onsen in the Japan Alps, Bali before the bombing, the martyrs of the Aran Islands, dining on deadly fugu fish, breaking the bank at a Russian casino, and a museum dedicated to internal parasites. Read more >

  • The War

    The 50th anniversary of the end of World War II in Japan, the legacy of Hiroshima, the massacres on Okinawa, and an interview with a kamikaze pilot. Read more >

  • Miscellany

    Stories that don’t fit into the above categories: a farewell to Alistair Cook, Byron Bay, troubles at Opera Australia, tracking down a missing Japanese dad, Alan Gould, unlikely author. Read more >

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