• A whistleblower

    A Sydney lawyer holds the key to a multi-billion case against Big Tobacco. In the global battleground of smoking litigation, an obscure middle-aged English lawyer living in retirement in Sydney’s leafy Lane Cove has become the world’s most wanted witness. Read more >

  • James Hardie’s forgotten victims

    Every breath you take. How a company tried to avoid paying more than $1 billion to people it killed and injured. First he took aspirin, then he inhaled steam, then his doctor gave him some antibiotics. Read more >

  • The last gasp?

    You could be forgiven for thinking that the global tobacco industry was already on its last gasp if you check out websites such as the one operated by the Tobacco Research Centre at the Northeastern University law school in Boston. Barely a day goes by without some new blow to the industry. Read more >

  • The widows

    The relentless toll of the the widow-maker. The women left behind when asbestos killed their husbands, a winemaker, a State governor, an asbestos company executive, a worker. Twenty years ago it was rarer than leprosy. Doctors could graduate and practise all their lives without seeing a single case of mesothelioma. Read more >

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A selection of articles on the dangers of asbestos, corporate cover-up, and tobacco smoking.